Course curriculum

  • 1

    Credit Webinars

    • Debt Collections: Your Rights & How to Protect Your Credit Score

    • Turning Credit Cards Into A Credit Score Asset

    • FICO University: Understanding Credit & What To Do About Sudden Score Drops

    • Handling Collections Successfully

    • What Really Impacts My Credit Score

    • Credit Score Myths

    • How To Read Your Credit Report Like the Pros

  • 2

    Credit Webinars for Lending Professionals

    • Worried About the Market Shift? Do This to Close More Loans

    • Defaulted Student Loans: Helping Clients Navigate The Options

    • A Balancing Act - Credit, Debt & Saving (In Partnership with TenBridge Financial Planners)

    • How Being Credit Focused Can Increase Closings

    • How To Create Score Increases - A Guide for Loan Officers

    • How Credit Repair Can Help Borrowers Qualify

    • Loan Officer Credit Question & Answer Session April 2022