Instructor and CEO of Incite Strategies

Ivory Becker

During my entire career the last 14 years, one of the things that's frustrated me the most about our financial education in the U.S. is the lack of understanding of just exactly how much credit impacts every adult decision we make in life. I noticed while working at the bank, and while a practicing financial planner and even when I worked in mortgage lending that knowledge regarding credit was extremely limited. The worst part of it is as professionals we are the ones that are supposed to be giving our clients all of the answers. They look at us like a young child looks at a parent, not questioning the advice we provide. They expect we have all the answers, and the right ones at that. They don't question our abilities unless we give them a reason to question our abilities. And we're put in a place where we have a lot of power over what happens in someone's life. It was never more obvious to me than during the financial crisis when I literally was given the power in to say “yes we're going to foreclose on this house” or “No, the bank didn't do enough to help this struggling mother with a loan modification so she could keep her children in home the home they grew up in.” Or when I had someone sitting across from me in a city I wasn't familiar with in a Conference Center full of hundreds and sometimes, even 1000 people, all there for the same reason; trying to figure out how to make sense of their finances when their whole life had been turned upside down in the blink of an eye. It's easy to jump online and even watch TV and see discussions about investments and insurance and budgeting but what’s completely missing from the discussion is credit scoring. Yet credit scores are your adult report card. It's your GPA that determines whether you are given a loan and at what rates and terms. It dictates whether we're going to live paycheck to paycheck struggling to make end’s meet because you’re shelling out all of your money towards predatory lending or you don't even have the ability to leverage debt in order to make a better life for you and your family. In seeing all of this over the last 14 years, I knew something needed to change about the way we are educated about credit scoring. We don't learn about it in school. Professionals like Loan Officers, bankers, and financial planners aren't taught how it works even when your job is to approve or advise people about debt and finances. Yet, it is a foundational piece of an approval being granted. This is why I came up with the solution of my course Creditworthy. This is a complete course from beginning to end that discusses every single aspect of credit scoring and how it impacts every part of your adult life. It provides all the information a professional and their client could ever want to know to put them in the best position possible to get the best terms for any sort of financial product. As a Loan Officer, having these answers can make you stand out in a sea of your peers. I've spent the last three years providing these solutions to loan officers across the country. This has helped hundreds of loan officers close thousands of more deals than they ever would have without this knowledge. Now I'm here to help you do the same with my course Creditworthy.

Credit Restoration

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