By the end of Creditworthy, you will walk away with: 

A 6-Module course with 60 bite sized lessons to help you qualify for loans and get ahead by boosting their credit score while you conduct the credit dispute process.

  • The understanding of the basics of credit and credit scores models like FICO vs. VantageScore

  • The 5 key credit score factors and how these factors cause your score to go up and down.

  • The knowledge of which factors influence lending opportunities and lending decisions so you can use it to your advantage

  • The insight to decipher credit myths as told in mainstream media and determine what is fact and what is fiction.

  • Gain the knowledge of what you can control on your credit score, empowering you to reach your financial goals like qualifying for a mortgage, credit card, or auto loan

  • Get your Credit Goal Planner and Course Worksheets and Guides—which outlines how you can boost your credit score, steps to get there, and the time it'll take

  • An understanding of exactly what you need to do to build positive credit history and a Credit Re-Establishment Plan

Here's What You Will Learn

Break Down the Credit Barriers

  • 2

    Why Credit Matters & How It Impacts Lending Opportunities

  • 3

    Complexities of Score Algorithms & Understanding FICO Models

    • Introducing Credit Score Algorithms & Models

    • FICO & Vantage Scoring, Score Models & Versions

    • Getting A Credit Report

    • Score Models & Mortgage Lending

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Breaking Down FICO Factors: Payment History (35%)

    • Payment History (35%)

    • What Constitutes as Negative & Positive Payment History?

    • What You Need to Know About Late Payments

    • Test Your Learning

    • Charge Off Accounts

    • Test Your Learning

    • Understanding Collection Accounts & Credit Reporting

    • Collection Accounts & Consumer Rights

    • Test your learning

    • Bankruptcy

    • Repossessions & Foreclosures

    • How Payment History Impacts Lending Opportunities

  • 5

    Breaking Down FICO Factors: Utilization (30%)

    • What is Credit Utilization?

  • 6

    Breaking Down FICO Factors: Credit Age (15%)

    • Understanding Length of Credit History (Credit Age)

  • 7

    Breaking Down FICO Factors: Inquiries & New Credit (10%)

    • Understanding Inquiries & New Credit

  • 8

    Breaking Down FICO Factors: Credit Mix (10%)

    • Understanding Credit Mix

  • 9

    Putting It All Together: Examples of Credit Profiles

    • Understanding Credit Score Cards & Reason Codes

    • Credit Profile Examples & Practice

  • 10

    Reading A Credit Report To Identify Opportunities for Boosts

    • The Sections of A Credit Report

    • Example 1: How To Read A Credit Report

    • Example 2: How To Read A Credit Report

  • 11

    Fact or Fiction? Dispelling Common Credit Myths

    • Myth 1: Checking Your Credit Score Hurts Your Score

    • Myth 2: Paying Loans Helps My Score

    • Myth 3: Debt is Debt

    • Myth 4: Closing Credit Helps Your Score

    • Myth 5: There Is Only One Credit Score

    • Myth 6: Impact of Demographics & Job Title On Credit Score

    • Myth 7: Joint Credit Reporting Is a Thing

    • Myth 8: Paying A Debt Erases It

    • Myth 9: Carrying Balances On My Credit Cards Boosts My Score

    • Myth 10: There is No Need to Worry About Credit Scores Until You Are Older

  • 12

    Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Score Boosts for Big Point Gains

    • Establishing & Re-Establishing Credit

    • Option 1: Authorized User

    • Option 2: Build Credit Using Common Bills

    • Option 3: Utilizing A Credit Building Debit Card

    • Option 4: Making Rental Payment History Count

    • Option 5: Credit Builder Loan Accounts

    • Option 6: Secured Credit Cards

    • Option 7: Credit Limit Increases (Part 1)

    • Option 7: Credit Limit Increases (Part 2)

    • Option 8: Paying or Settling Charge-Off Accounts

    • Option 9: Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation

    • Option 10: Handling Collections Properly for Score Improvement

  • 13


    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

    • More resources for you

See the difference Creditworthy Can Make For You

Loan Officer, DC Lending

Brett Roesch

My favorite part about this course is learning how to decipher what exactly is going on with their credit report and how to shrink the amount of time from them being a client to being a realized purchase. I can actually interpret their credit report. And even though the score may not be all that great, we can actually boost their credit.

Senior Loan Officer, Shields Family Home LoansJeremy Schroyer

Jeremy Schroyer

The hardest thing about becoming a mortgage lender was really knowing what to look for on client’s credit reports. This course gives me the ability to coach the client on how to establish more of a credit foundation. So really knowing where those fine lines are at and helping to coach the client and how to get there. That’s what I’m extremely excited for in Creditworthy.

Loan Originator, Gateway Mortgage

Ben Surratt

I'm super excited for this course because so many times we have had clients who focus too much on things they can't control. Like the housing market or, or interest rates are going up or going down. This course actually gives your clients and my clients something they can control and show them how to control it better.

Loan Officer, Granite Home Loans

Shelley Foss

It’s taken me 15+ years to learn the information that’s in this course. It’s totally worth it to pay for a one-time course and get it done in a day.

Loan Officer, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Jason Presser

Working with Ivory has been phenomenal. I've had a lot of clients that didn't quite qualify because of their credit. Some of them only needed a little boost in their score to get a much better rate. Ivory has helped them all and has helped me close more loans because of it.

CEO, Matrix Roofing and Home Solutions

Wendy Marvin

Ivory is a professional in a very sketchy world. So many promises to fix issues out there, but Ivory is the real deal. She was all over my issue and fixed a problem I had been fighting for months. She's thorough and has exceptional knowledge in her industry.

Mortgage Planning Specialist

Adesina Cameron

When the client first came to me I thought they were years away but she helped get them preapproved the same year!

What Our Students Are Saying:

“My favorite part about this course is learning how to decipher what exactly is going on with the credit report. I can actually interpret the credit report and boost credit!”


  • Take 90 Days to Test It Out

    As someone whose business runs on referrals, I know what feast or famine feels like. Investing in education when the bank account may not fill up anytime soon is scary. And I definitely don’t want you to go into debt for this course. However, if you can swing it and know that Creditworthy can help you in your business, yet still need a safety net for the “what if it can’t help” thoughts that spin around …let me ease your mind a bit. You’ve got a full 90 days to change your mind. If you get Creditworthy and go through it and participate in the Q&A calls and are still not able to read a credit report and use it to help your clients, reach out to me at [email protected] and get a full refund.

  • Can I learn at my own pace?

    This is a self-paced program. Take each module at your own pace. Go back and review modules as needed.

  • How long does each module take?

    Each module, or section of the course, is broken down into several videos so you can easily watch the content in small sessions. Each video ranges from an average of 4 minutes to 15 minutes.